The more I seek, the more I find alternative views on just how our auras influence us…

There are many aura charts and iterpretations of colours out there, this is my take on the colour chart based on angelic influences. This chart is compiled based on angel auras and energies, This chart will show its colour and meaning, the angel connecting to it, this chart will indicate hopefully some dream interpretations, as in dreams colours are usually a main key for information.

Red ~ Connects to Arch Angel Raphael, the healer, this colour symbolises power in heat and kinetic energy, usually given to high focused healers. Often red is given to those in reiki as appose to the high level energy they use or rather harness in healing. Red shows a scattered energy needing to be tamed, this is usually a sign of needing major grounding or relaxation in life. Those with red will often suffer in working too hard, pushing themselves too far. Those with red aura must slow the pace and allow time to breathe and rest. Red in dreams usually is a sign of needing balance or organisation, simply you need to prioritise your life and sort out loose ends. Red would represent somone with high ambition but little enthusiasm or motivation.

Black ~ the aura of strength connecting to Cassiels energies, however cassiel is an angel of serenity. People will find true power is found is stillness, times of calmness and patience. Cassiel tries to teach that black aura is discovering patience, having the power yet the strength to wait. Those with black aura may be so quick to act they do not think, those with this aura feel a sense of inpeneterable vounrableness, meaning they feel nothing can harm them. However this is a front for those in need of healing or peace in life. Those with black aura seek the knowledge of patience in healing, need to focus on themselves a little more. Black in dreams is usually a symbol of needing to withdraw and hold back on being mislead its a symbol of showing strength in saying no occasionally, so you do not burn out helping others, forgetting about the one who needs help most,YOU!

Blue ~ Connected to Arch Angel Michael and Angel Juvenus, this colour is about protection and justice, those who have this colour will often be judged a lot, cast aside, yet most true light workers will have blue on a regular basis, due to the fact their pure energy attracts badness and hurt. As they are known to absorb this with the assistance of those two angels. For michael he brings a sense of empowerment to us, this shows us to not give up on others, blue is a sign of protecting somone close by. With juvenus the blue is often lighter shade, showing we require justice, for somthing that we have been wronged on or with. blue is a symbol of a warrior fighting to protect and do whats right even at times it may feel wrong or frightening. Ones of true heart show a deep value of blue. In dreams blue is a symbol of fighting, its often life is too much and you feel your fighting to survive, this indicates you need to change lifestyle, perhaps be tougher, showing tough love instead of always being there, teach those who ask to be there for themselves.

Green ~ Connecting to Arch Angel Gabriel,this is the colour of insparational people, colour for artists, singers, musicians, poets, writers etc. Those with green aura are subject to new ideas and inventive ways, most with green aura show potential in develeping abilities at a fast pace, those who seem to progress quicker, this is based on their visual abilities connecting to Gabriel, this allows them to see beyond their own boundries. It i wise to seek gabriel if wanting to be more open visually, to attune your ability or just improve in general. Green is a symbol of truth and enlightenment. Those who dream of green are often seeking truth or in need of reading betweeen the lines, it may be your viewing issues as black and white, you must seek the grey areas. This is about seeking truth when your instinct knows somthing is unbalanced.

Yellow ~ this connecting to arch angel Uriel, this is a deep connection to the alchemy flame, those with this aura seem to seek to help people physically often take up professions in care or medical feilds, to assist in preserving life and health, this is due to the nature of uriel who is the physical healer. Yellow symbolises personal healing also, you will often push your body one way or another to point of openess to ailments such as back aches, headaches,sickness or muscle strains. Those with this colour are passionate in the art of guidance and healing for others. Yellow in dreams symbolises physical distress in either your life or anothers, may be you need to offer more physical support to those around you, that they may not ask for it, you simply have to offer.

Pink ~ connect to the energies of Arch Angel Camael, this is a symbol of friendship and communication. Those with pink aura will often struggle to communicate and will need help in finding methods to approach others, may be best on finding the right words, those such people should be more emotional on paper, allowing their feelings to be written, which will assist in finding words, allow your spirit to write without the mind. Try automatic writing to see what is produced. Pink aura is a symbol of loyalty, those with this are often the most trusting people, they will strive to not dissapoint anyone, will try harder than most to love all and embrace that in others. Pink in dreams is usually a symbol of communicational breakdown, this is a sign to patch things up from arguments or fights, this is to show you its time to make right what you have wronged. this is about second chances and delivering them to those who need them most.

Gold ~ this colour is connected to the choir of cherubim, the highest choir of angels, this aura symbolises greta prospects, life, health and fortune, those with gold will often be experiencing a lucky streak, which is merely an effect from the high energy gold brings. It is not luck as much as it is high energy, gold absorbs the possitive energies of others and oth situations, producing good porspects for love and finance, for career and travel. Gold is by all means a great aura to achieve, as this aura is given usually when people are highly spiritually developed, or content in life regardless of how much they have, usually given to the most selfless of all, this colour is about offering breaks to those who trully deserve it, with gold your life will not be without in all forms materialistic and spiritual. Gold in dreams usually symbolises a win of some kind, that luck so they call it, is on the cards, but to tread softly in gambling, to only act on instinct or intuition when trying for a win.

Purple ~ connected to Arch Angel Melchisidec, this is a symbol of spiritual growth. Those with purple will be develping abilities or acknowledging those which they have already. This is about connecting to spirit or angel energy, purple represents opening the channel to psychic energy. Purple is the colour of limmitless psychic and spiritual energies. when having purple we will be very open or perceptive, for empaths they will be proned to crying a lot, usually a sign your empathy is developing, for clairvoyants they seem to suffer a ot of deja vu, for remote viewers they seem to become sensetive to bright light and have lucid dreams of travel, for healers they seem to take on board others pain unkowingly feeling it as their own. Just some indications that your ability is raring. Purple signifies power in spiritual and psychic gifts, those with this colour often have pre destined life experiences which are given though out life , usually connected to travelling to certain areas that you feel compelled to visit, or people you connect with for the first time, yt feel you have known them a lifetime, these are important in your destiny. Purple in dreams is showing people about their potential spiritually and in life, about unlocking that doubt and crushing it, bringing a sense of self awareness in knowing you are that good, you can succeed, you will triumph.

There are more colours and each shade of colour has various meanings and representations, however this is a basic level of understanding merely to show you the possibilities that are out there, there are many aura charts you can study this is simply mine, good luck on your searches for answers i hope this chart helps.

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